Michael Drive with Barren Cross - Video released Nov. 2014. www.barrencross.com
Michael Drive


“Michael Drive is a skilled and talented singer/songwriter, who crafts powerful and inspired songs. He is also an experienced and competent instrumentalist and producer; in the studio as when actually writing the material. Very well produced and a very interesting sound. In his lyrics, Michael is Driven by a desire for truth, and his music reflects that.”


“Usually in the case of a rock band, if you take away the band and just leave the singer with the guitar, it’s not very impressive; but in Drive’s case, it’s completely different. I have seen him Live in concert as a solo act: and without the band, he shines, like a multi-faceted diamond. His voice is unique… his musicianship, and his songwriting are excellent.”

Michael Drive was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is a Lead Singer, Composer, Guitarist and Producer.

Having released several independent solo albums, Michael is also known as the lead singer, composer and co-founder of the legendary band “Barren Cross” under the name “Michael Drive (Lee). “BC” was founded in 1983 and would pioneer the way in which many bands would follow. They toured the world and recorded and released 7 albums, including the new and latest album and [HD] video: “Birth Pangs”.

In 2003, Michael, who was living in Europe at the time, did something unique and quite different from the average band or musician. He bought a motorhome, transformed it into a recording studio, and began touring Europe. In his new mobile recording studio, he started recorded his new material with musicians he crossed on the road; and simultaneously performing shows at venues wherever he would be on the road at the time. Truly “living on the road.”

But one thing that makes Michael stand out and unique in the entertainment world of today is something not heard much in todays songwriting. His music and lyrics carry messages of encouragement to people; solutions to everyday struggles, and awareness of one’s rightful place in society; with songs such as “One Direction Left From Hell”; “Show Them What You're Made Of”, “The Right To Bleed”; and “Power”. Also notable is one of Michael’s newly composed songs with Barren Cross on the new “Birth Pangs” album; “Whitewashed Love”. Michael has received many emails, messages and blogs through the years from fans who would describe how a certain song helped to get them through a certain situation in their life. But Michael points out: “I can’t take any credit, it’s not really me, it’s God who’s not willing that anyone should die, especially for something they can make a decision to change."

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