Michael Drive is co-founder of the legendary band Barren Cross; a band who's style in 1983 would pioneer the way in which many bands would follow. They toured the world and recorded and released 5 studio albums, a live album, and a "Best Of" spanning their career. Michael has now gone on to release solo albums and a live DVD of his own music, and has now become an accomplished and established recording artist on his own.


"Michael Drive is a skilled and talented singer/songwriter, who crafts powerful and inspired songs. He is also an experienced and competent instrumentalist and producer; in the studio as when actually writing the material. Very well produced and a very interesting sound. In his lyrics, Michael is Driven by a desire for truth, and his music reflects that."


"Usually in the case of a rock band, if you take away the band and just leave the singer with the guitar, it's not very impressive; but in Drive's case, it's completely different. I have seen him Live in concert as a solo act: and without the band, he shines, like a multi-faceted diamond. His voice is unique... his musicianship, and his songwriting are excellent."

Thanks to all for making each appearance on the last tour so successful!!! TO THE FANS: YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Michael Drive

Michael Drive was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Fast forward to 2003, living in Paris France, as well as other parts of Europe: Michael Drive does something quite different from the average band or musician in his approach to success. Buying a motor home, he transforms it into a recording studio, and begins recording and touring Europe. He records his new material with musicians he crosses on the road; simultaneously while performing shows at venues that he books on the road wherever he would be at the time. He also starts playing in the same concerts as popular European artists such as DePalmas (France). His music often carries messages (not heard much in rock) of encouragement to people, and awareness of one's rightful place in society, with songs such as; "One Direction Left... From Hell", "Show Them What You're Made Of", "The Right To Bleed", and "Power". His driving grooves, penetrating guitars, beautiful ballads and a mix of intoxicating energy and melodic curves are constantly innovative, yet simple enough to remain accessible. Michael Drive delivers integrity with every powerful, slamming and soulful beat.

From his roots as the lead singer/guitarist/composer for the group; Barren Cross, he continues to write heart-wrenching songs that have, on many occasions, compelled the fans to send letters, and write emails and blogs on the songs.

As the first song title of his album "MICHAEL D.R.I.V.E." states; "One Direction Left... From Hell"; Drive is non-wavering and poised on a steady course in one unique direction...